Welcome !


My name is Maxence Bürgel, i'm 34 years old and i'm french.

I've been a freelance video game concept artist for five years. Before that, I worked on 3d architecture visualisation. I've always felt incredibly passionate about art and video games and I've been a fan of Blizzard since StarCraft, back in 1998.

This portfolio has been made for my Blizzard application, I hope you enjoy it!


What excites me about working for Blizzard


I've dreamed about working for Blizzard for as long as I can remember

Playing your games and looking at your art are two of the main reasons I chose to work in the video game industry. You have incredibly strong art direction, great artists and amazing worlds to explore. I just can't see a better company to work for!

Becoming a part of Blizzard would be a dream come true.


My unique aptitudes


I have a real desire to improve my work and look constantly for new inspiration. I never consider anything finished; there's always something new to find or improve upon. I don't believe in perfection - that's my best quality.

I have a wide skillset. I know how to draw and design; I'm comfortable with 3d, so I understand the work of the 3d artists who will be using my concept art as reference; I know game programming reasonably well, and this allows me to understand the limitations of game engines and adapt my designs to them.

I'm self-taught and a quick learner. Even at art school, I mostly learned how to draw, paint and design by myself. As a consequence, I will adapt very quickly to a new work environment, and if I am surrounded by the great artists you have I am confident I will get even better and faster at what I'm doing.

Finally, I am a Zen Master. I am a calm and friendly co-worker!


How do i craft my art


"Never the same way" is how I look at it. I have several processes, but I am always experimenting to find new ways to do things. I don't usually start traditionally, but work digitally from the beginning. However, I do use traditional media for studies.

For work I usually do the following:

- Reference research. I grab photos, historical references, old art, abstract art, anything which suits the piece. I use them both as visual reference (eg seeing how the joints of an old style of armour actually worked) and as inspiration (eg I recently generated a series of fractal patterns as inspiration for an oneiric environment)

- Quick sketchs / Speed paintings. These are primarily to discuss with the art director, to help solve the visual problems as early and efficiently as possible.

- Developed concepts. Based on previous sketches, I refine one of the sketches or combinations of them to produce something more finished. I am happy to meet the art director as many times as we need to fix the design, and have been able in the past to iterate on the design as I push the rendering.

- Refined Rendering. When I have time to spend on a project I can begin the final process of refinement, adding finer details and careful use of light. This is more the work of an illustrator so it doesn't happen a lot, but if it is needed I am happy to do it!

Want to see more ?


This portfolio will be updated on a regular base.

You can take a look at my official website: http://www.maxence-burgel.com/

Feel free to contact me by mail if you got any questions